Selenium Testing - Automating QA Testing

Selenium Testing - Automating QA Testing

Selenium Testing - Automating QA Testing

The right Selenium strategy pays off by ensuring your automation can grow and extend while being easier to maintain. We have been helping companies develop automation strategies for over 15 years.

Our automation experts are in high-demand at all the major industry conferences and speak on a wide variety of topics from end-to-end automation for enterprise systems, to making the most of open-source Selenium. The same experts can help you develop a Selenium strategy that will work for the life of the software you have under test.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. It is quite similar to HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) only that Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications.

Selenium is not just a single tool but a suite of software's, each catering to different testing needs of an organization

So, Why the Name Selenium?

It came from a joke which Jason cracked one time to his team. Another automated testing framework was popular during Selenium's development, and it was by the company called Mercury Interactive (yes, the company who originally made QTP before it was acquired by HP). Since Selenium is a well-known antidote for Mercury poisoning, Jason suggested that name. His teammates took it, and so that is how we got to call this framework up to the present.

In 2008, the whole Selenium Team decided to merge WebDriver and Selenium RC to form a more powerful tool called Selenium 2, with WebDriver being the core. Currently, Selenium RC is still being developed but only in maintenance mode. Most of the Selenium Project's efforts are now focused on Selenium 2.

Selenium Testing - Automating QA Testing


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